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Full English Breakfast 

Two smoked bacon rashers, Cumberland sausage, mushrooms,
hash browns, baked beans & a fried egg with toast & butter.

Veggie Full English

Pan fried Halloumi & fresh tomato with mushrooms, hash brown, baked beans, fried egg with toast & butter.

Boiled Egg & Soldiers

Two soft boiled eggs with toasted soldiers

Two Poached or Two Fried Eggs on Toast

Scrambled Egg on Toast


Breakfast Bap

Cumberland sausage, two smoked bacon rashers & a fried egg in a soft bap

Smoked Bacon Bap 

Three smoked bacon rashers in a soft bap, available with fried egg.

Cumberland Sausage & Onion Bap

Two Cumberland sausages with fried onions in a soft bap or your choice of bread

Smoked Bacon & Egg Bap

Cumberland Sausage & Egg Bap


Small Sandwiches

Egg mayo, cheddar cheese, ham, cream cheese, jam or Marmite.

Half a jacket potato

Cheddar cheese & beans, chilli, roasted vegetables or tuna & sweetcorn mayo

Mini cheese & tomato pizza

Two fish fingers & baked beans

Two Sausages, chips & beans

Stuffed Warm Pitta

Stuffed warm pitta with fried Halloumi, mushrooms, roasted garlic red peppers & rocket.

Winter – Seasonal House Soup with soft bread

Two Toasted Crumpets

With butter & a choice of jam,marmalade, Nutella, Marmite.

Toast & butter

Jam, marmalade, Nutella and Marmite all avaliable as additions.

Cheddar Cheese on Toast

Baked Beans on Toast


All served with a side salad & butter

Jacket Potato with:

Chilli Con Carne with Sour Cream

Roasted Vegetables with Cream Cheese or Hummus (VEGAN)

Tuna & Sweetcorn Mayonnaise

Portion of Chips



Cheddar cheese & pickle with tomato, apple & red onion

Classic BLT Smoked Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato with Mayonnaise

Homemade Hummus, Avocado & Roasted garlic red peppers

Tuna & Sweetcorn Mayo

Chicken Tikka with gem lettuce, red onion and minted yoghurt

Slow cooked Beef with rocket & cream horseradish


Cheddar Cheese 

Cheddar Cheese with tomato and onion

Brie, Ham & Chilli jam 

Tuna & Sweetcorn Melt with Cheddar Cheese


Chicken, Smoked Bacon & Avocado Salad with a mustard mayo dressing

Grilled Goats Cheese & Roasted Vegetable Salad, Winter vegetables roasted in olive oil, garlic & herbs, served warm on salad leave

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